Jacob Allen

Hometown: Indianapolis, Ind.
Birthday: July 11, 1994
Car #: 1a
Car Owner: Bobby Allen
Website: www.shark1s.com
Twitter: @JacobAllen1A@SharkAttack1s

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 Cody Darrah

Hometown: Red Lion, Pa.
Birthday: Aug. 21, 1989
Car #: 4
Chassis: GF1
Car Owner: Kasey Kahne Racing with Mike Curb
Website: www.codydarrah.com,www.kaseykahneracing.com
Career World of Outlaws Wins: 6
Twitter: @CodyDarrah4

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 David Gravel

Hometown: Watertown, Conn. 
Birthday: June 23, 1992
Car #: 83
Chassis: KPC
ar Owner: Roth Motorsports 
Websitewww.davidgravel89.com, www.rothmotorsports83.com
Career World of Outlaws Wins: 5

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Kraig Kinser

Hometown: Bloomington, Ind.
Birthday: Oct. 8, 1984
Car #: 11k
Chassis: Maxim
Car Owner: Steve Kinser Racing
Career World of Outlaws Wins: 
Twitter: @KraigKinser11k

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Steve Kinser

Hometown: Bloomington, Ind.
Birthday: June 2, 1954
Car #: 11
Chassis: Maxim
Car Owner: Tony Stewart/Curb-Agajanian Racing
Website: www.stevekinser.com
Career World of Outlaws Wins: 577

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Kerry Madsen

Hometown: St. Marys, New South Wales, Australia
Birthday: Dec. 3, 1970
Car #: 29
Chassis: KPC
Car Owner: Keneric
Website: www.kenericracing.com
Career World of Outlaws Wins: 13
Twitter: @KMR29

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Paul McMahan

Hometown: Elk Grove, Calif.
Birthday: Dec. 1, 1970
Car #: 51
Chassis: GF1
Car Owner: CJB Motorsports
Website: www.PaulMcMahanRacing.com
Career World of Outlaws Wins: 20
Twitter: @PaulMcMahan

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Daryn Pittman

Hometown: Owasso, Okla.
Birthday: Aug. 29, 1978
Car #: 9
Chassis: Ti22
Car Owner: Kasey Kahne Racing with Mike Curb
Website: www.DarynPittman.com
Career World of Outlaws Wins: 45
Twitter: @DarynPittman

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Joey Saldana

Hometown: Brownsburg, Ind.
Birthday: March 14, 1972
Car #: 71m
Chassis: GF1
Car Owner: Dan Motter
Career World of Outlaws Wins: 89

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Donny Schatz

Hometown: Minot, N.D.
Birthday: Aug. 10, 1977
Car #: 15
Chassis: J&J
Car Owner: Tony Stewart/Curb-Agajanian Racing
Website: www.donnyschatz.com,www.tonystewartracing.com
Career World of Outlaws Wins: 153

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Logan Schuchart

Hometown: Hanover, Pa.
Birthday: Dec. 16, 1992
Car #: 1s
Chassis: Shark
Car Owner: Bobby Allen
Website: www.shark1s.com
Twitter: @LSchuchart1s@SharkAttack1s

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Jason Sides

Hometown: Bartlett, Tenn.
Birthday: Feb. 10, 1973
Car #: 7s
Car Owner: Jason Sides
Website: www.sidesmotorsports.com
Career World of Outlaws Wins: 13 

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Brad Sweet

Hometown: Grass Valley, Calif.
Birthday: Dec. 31, 1985
Car#: 49
Chassis: GF1
Car Owner: Kasey Kahne Racing
Website: www.BradSweetRacing.com
Career World of Outlaws Wins: 6

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